Blaine Wheeler

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No Sox needed for newcomers to step into new shoes

How about those Royals. Sweeping the well-needed series with the the-first-place White Sox. The Royals have now taken the lead in the division and are hot. In Rex Hudler’s words, Lava Hot. This weekend the Kansas City Royals pulled off some of the greatest baseball in the history of the franchise. Literally. Saturday the Royals Read more about No Sox needed for newcomers to step into new shoes[…]

Warriors Dominance

As you know, the very publicized Golden State Warriors are on a tear. The Warriors are on pace to have one of the greatest seasons in NBA history to this date. I bring this up because what they are doing is truly unbelievable. Are we really appreciating what is going on? The Warriors have blown Read more about Warriors Dominance[…]


Our decisions affect our lives tremendously. ………No dip Cpt. Obvious. But think about it. Everything you do comes from the correlation of thoughts you have that make you take forth action/decision. This ultimately affects everything that happens in your life and the peoples around you. This may sound very elementary and sort of common sense Read more about Decisions[…]

Rankings in College Basketball are a joke

Over the last few weeks in college basketball the so-called “#1” ranked team in the nation has been beaten by a lesser opponent six times. When this happens it is a HUGE deal because best team in the nation got beat, am I right? No. During the first handful of weeks in the┬áseason there is Read more about Rankings in College Basketball are a joke[…]