October 5, 2016

About Me

Hello world.


My name is Blaine Wheeler. I have created this website to progress my abilities in writing, multimedia, and practices to prepare me for the workforce.

Since the time I could remember I have always dreamed of working in the media. My father, Gary Wheeler, and I would watch ESPN like it was the only station on the television. My mom still reminds me of the times I would watch ESPN instead of cartoons in the mornings.

Sports are my passion. They have been a way of life, my whole life. I have known nothing different. I grew up in Higginsville, Missouri, as small town east of Kansas City.  In that environment everyone knew everyone and almost everyone played football and multiple sports.

I had the privilege to have my dad as a mentor along the way or growing up. He was my Principal through Elementary School and High School. He was also my coach for all the sports I played growing up that were not school related. He has taught me a lot.

Growing up with great parenting, I also grew up around a very caring community. Higginsville was full of supportive and positive people. It was the perfect place for me to grow up. When you were playing well or receiving awards and scholarships the congratulations flooded. It was a perfect place for a young man like myself to grow and learn.

In High School I played Football, Basketball and Baseball. All three I love almost equally. Being a three sport athlete taught me how to work hard, how care and work with others and how to be a leader along with many other things.

Throughout growing in High School I received multiple scholarships and attend Missouri State University, where I am now.

I am in pursuit of becoming the best, well rounded person I can be.