The way too early MLB 1/5th Awards


The way too early MLB 1/5th Awards


MVP: Mike Trout

Trout is already having a year of his own, and arguably having a better year than he was expected. He does it across the board .355 batting average is the best in the American League and along with it he is on pace to hit 40 bombs and +110 RBI’s there is really no debate.

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Rookie of the 1/5th: Aaron Judge

Who? Go figure it is a Yankees prospect as we knew their young talent was going to be stellar, but who would have thought this good? At 6–7, 282 it’s fitting he has this much power. Judge is on pace to hit 68 home runs. That’s not going to happen but if he somewhat keeps it up he could give Harper a run for my MLB POY.

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Cy Young: Chris Sale

Going from Chicago to Fenway some analysts had doubt if Sale could keep up so much productivity. Early in the year Sale has left no doubt that he is still the Chris Sale we are used to. Not to mention he’s doing it in the American League East- one of the best in baseball. Imagine if Sale was in a league like the NL West, like Kershaw, we could be talking about this guy being the no-doubt best pitcher in baseball.

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Surprise Player of the 1/5th: Jason Vargas

Vargas’s 1.19 ERA is the best in the majors over his six starts. After sitting out all of last year even Kansas City fans were weary if he deserved a spot in the starting rotation. Now that he has solidified his spot, all of the league is wishing they had him in their rotation.

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Disappointing Player of the 1/5th: Byron Buxton

Buxton ended last season on a tear, many thought he could do to the similar this season but he has been downright awful. I compare his hype to less but similar to Trea Turner; who has lived up to the hype. You could call it a Sophomore slump but I dont see anything in this guy. As an everyday player at CF he hasn’t ran into any injuries that might make the .160 average okay, there are no excuses- he has been bad. His speed and athleticism in CF has been the only thing that has kept Buxton in the lineup. Many fantasy players picked Buxton in the late rounds in hope he would produce but that hope has turned into hope for a possible waiver-wire pickup.

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Live Up to the Hype Player of the 1/5th: Andrew Benintendi

Benintendi was one of the top prospects in the league and showed a little glimmer of what is was able to do last season, enough to have high expectations this year. So far, you could argue Benintendi has been Boston’s best hitter. Hitting .325 with 20 RBIs are both the best on the Sox’s squad. That’s saying something with the star power Fenway carried last year.

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MVP: Bryce Harper

Harper is comparable to Trout in so many ways however the year Harper is off to is similar to last year. Which causes me to want to hit the pause button on his continued production but the song is too good. After a small injury and being intentionally walked every other at bat last season, he slumped but I dont see it this year. The Nationals have done nothing but produce at the plate and Harper has been the perpetrator and will continue to be.

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Rookie of the 1/5th: Cody Bellinger

After being called up for Adrian Gonzalez’s injury Bellinger has left the Dodgers in a tough spot that will very likely result in him being the starting first-baseman in the future for the Dodgers. In just 11 games Bellinger has slashed an above .350 average, 5 home runs and 14 RBI. All those are better than Gonzalez in his 29 games.

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Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

Kershaw is Kershaw. It’s a near lock every year. Earlier in the season Bumgarner was looking like he was going to take the league by their cohunas with his power and stelar ERA or Syndergaard’s ridiculous start but has also been plagued by injury. However Kershaw has done what he is supposed to and his ‘supposed to’ is Cy Young winning year in and year out.

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Surprise Player of the 1/5th: Ryan Zimmerman

The best batting average and the most homeruns in the MLB along with a stellar OPS. He is seeing the ball. A low strikeout rate and high walk rate gives me no reason to think he can’t be a solid performer all year. I also want to give honorable mention credits to Mark Reynolds.

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Disappointing Player of the 1/5th: Joc Pederson

Joc ran into an injury a few weeks ago and it might have been needed. His start was bad, the projected 25 home run guy has move to an in and out of the lineup player. I don’t see Joc keeping up the bad pace but through the first 1/5th it hasn’t been what LA and fantasy owners were looking for.

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Live Up to the Hype Player of the 1/5th: Eric Thames

Thames has been a baller. Enough so for the baseball world to plead to get this guy tested for steroids. He took the drug tests gladly because he has done this before. Thames came into this season with a lot less hype than he has lived up to but enough to make him the Live Up to the Hype Player of the 1/5th. In foreign ball in Japan Thames smacked 40 home runs has came back to the homeland to show that he can produce in America, too.

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